Victim of medical negligence awarded £400,000 after hysterectomy surgery caused complications

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A woman has been awarded £400,000 in personal injury compensation after becoming a victim of medical negligence during hysterectomy surgery.

The woman, who has not been named, has been left with life changing injuries after her hysterectomy surgery went wrong and resulted in her suffering a perforated rectum. small2

Just a couple of days following her surgery, the woman became increasingly unwell, suffering with abdominal pain and showing signs of sepsis infection.

It wasn’t until ten days after the surgery that she was offered investigative procedures to find out what was wrong; it was then that doctors found she had a perforated rectum as well as advanced faecal peritonitis, which meant having to have further extensive and reconstructive surgery.

canstockphoto2641450She also had to endure a colostomy and was fitted with a colostomy bag, which left her in a great amount of pain and discomfort.

The woman decided to contact a personal injury solicitor after it became clear that the mistakes made during the initial surgery were to have such a detrimental effect on her life.  She has had to undergo several further operations to reverse the colostomy, and although the last one was a success she will also be left with the feeling of having to use the toilet both urgently and frequently, and as a consequence has had to retire from her job.

The claim for compensation was made on the grounds that the surgeon had failed to realise and inform the victim of the significant risk factors of the hysterectomy, as well as not being aware of the rectal damaged that was caused during the initial surgery.

The medical negligence claim was also made due to the amount of time it took for medical staff to realise how ill the woman was during her recovery period in hospital; if a CT scan had been carried out sooner then treatment could have been provided before her condition reached such a critical stage.

As with most cases of medical negligence, the case was a lengthy and complicated one, however, the victim was eventually awarded £400,000 in personal injury compensation.

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